December 7, 2021

Can We Stay True to Ourselves and Connect with the Natural World While Living in the City?

Sandra McInnes

Oils on Canvas BoardNights in the City, 202135 x46cm

This was painted after the third lockdown. In a city, this year. I had already begun to do a lot of self reflection and shadow work during the previous year, as had many people. Shut away in our homes and having to find new ways of relating and connecting to our world, a lot of issues that may have been ignored or that I may have been unaware of, started to surface. I had already started to look at universal dream symbols after experiencing some strange dreams and was fascinated by their meanings and use in ancient cultures as a way of connecting with the world and our inner selves. The tiger is the symbol of strength and courage and the releasing of fears…I wanted to show that befriending and understanding these fears gives birth to new courage and strength, represented by the younger tiger. This befriending takes courage in itself. Connecting with the inner self through the natural world, as our ancestors did, especially in a time of darkness, is a time of growth, represented by the flora. I believe that doing this individually will cause universal benefits to the world we live in.