January 10, 2020

Can we slay the Fast Fashion Dragon by crowning Scotland’s Milliners?

Caroline Sinclair Stuart, 37

It was suggested to me at a recent Networking Event that I should call myself a ‘Hat Maker’ rather than a ‘Milliner’ as ‘people are unfamiliar with the term’. After gaining a qualification in Millinery and working as a professional Milliner for over twelve years, I was quite alarmed. I wondered why so many people are unaware of what a Milliner is and does? Perhaps it is our obsession with inexpensive, trend focused ‘Fast Fashion’ that has numbed us from thinking or caring about where our clothing comes from? Have large companies removed any humanity behind the making process and distanced the consumer from the skilled maker? I am exceptionally proud of my profession as a Scottish Milliner who works within the Millinery Industry. Rather than deny the trade it’s true name, I will champion both ‘Milliner’ and ‘Millinery’. My focus is on training and educating a future generation of Scottish Milliners.

Crowning Scotland's Milliners, 2020Tartan, Wool felt, Scottish Pheasant Feathers25cm x 50cm