July 24, 2019

Can we shelter in stories?

Jenny Johnstone | Annie Gilfillan, 29 | Kyle Walker, 29 | Ewan McCreath, 29

PodcastBothy Culture, 201928:22

Bothy. Hut. Howff.
Often just a room and a fireplace, used nowadays by hillwalkers as a shelter.
But bothies are steeped in a rich heritage of hard work, peat fires and ballads. They are a place to rest the body with sleep and warmth, but also a place to enrich the mind with stories and companionship. In a non-stop digital world, we need places where we can rest in warmth and connect with new and old friends, and with the history of the land.

We think that during a night spent in a bothy, storytelling is like a peatland. If you look at just a metre of peat you are seeing a thousand years of history; just as if you retell the stories of the past you have echos of all the communities that have told them before you.

Bothy culture connects you to the natural world and to the myths, folklore and stories of the land.