Acrylic paint and white pencil'The Storm on the Sea', 2018A4

This acrylic seascape aims to capture a moment in the tumultuous and wild ocean. The main feature of this work is the lack of human impact in an almost idyllic and hopeful sense. It is an image for contemplation.

We all have somewhere in nature which is special to us, and the ocean is my happy place. This artwork began as a reflection upon family trips to the sea, where as a child I was endlessly splashing, looking, and investigating. Now, growing scientific, societal, and personal concern for the health of the world’s oceans and environment more generally has led me to reminisce the past and create an image which looks ahead with hope.

In contrast to the plastic free ocean it portrays, this painting is completed in acrylic paint (the sea itself is painted from plastic). I chose acrylic as a medium because it draws our attention to how we as individuals and as a collective society all have an environmental impact – even if it’s not visible to the eye. Hopefully, this artwork will inspire some to have a more positive impact upon their environment – thereby helping to preserve their own happy place for future generations.