August 23, 2021

Can We Rise from Ash Like Phoenixes?

Fatima Ansari

Secrets of Alchemy,

Reinventing the self is far from being a straightforward process. My entry employs the metaphor of the ancient practice of alchemy to explore the different stages through which reinventing oneself is brought about. We undergo breaking down our sense of self, immersing ourselves in our environment, distilling our impurities, and finally, integrating what we identify as our new chosen values to become more than a whole – as alchemists would say, we become gold. With the privilege of that choice to reinvent oneself today in contemporary progressive societies by redefining one’s social identities in often radical ways, it is of utmost importance to appreciate that this fashioning of the new self is the result of gargantuan perseverance throughout the process. The only thing to remember is that after giving up the present self -turning into ash- one rises triumphant as the self that empowers one – like a phoenix.