January 30, 2020

Can we remember who we really are?

Laura Pasetti

TheatreThe Rememberers, 2020

Do you ever have the feeling that you have forgotten something as you go through your life? Something that was a deep part of you? Like many, I noticed the sadness, the rage, the sense of loss mirrored in the reactions to the climate crisis. I heard the fear screaming. So I wrote this script for 13 courageous human beings, who dig into the human heart to find answers, beyond layers of excuses, layers of lies, layers of unresolved pain. Native American Elders say that it was the trees that sang humanity into existence. I felt that this was a good beginning for a new story that connected us to the earth; and what is a story if not a gateway allowing us, through imagination, to see who we are and to dream of who we can become? The aim of this play is to offer a process of collective self-awareness where players and audience act as one. The piece challenges us to look at ourselves as the characters. The deeper we look within, the more we connect with each other, and in doing so we “re-member” our planet, where the source of our essence is embedded.