Photo/ GraphicEscape20 photo-graphics, 2020100x100cm (or 70x100 cm)

I’d like to introduce series of my art work- “Escape20”. Pandemic is affecting a lots of us and Id like to make a difference and show mental health awareness with my art work. I deeply believe we can make it through together but we need to look after each other. Id like to show how our reality was influenced by the pandemic, forced by external factors, social isolation and the chronic stress associated with it. Our world has changed suddenly and our post-pandemic life will not be the same again. For many of us, it is connected with the necessity of difficult adaptation to new conditions, an uncertain future and a huge psychological burden. Often the main emotions that accompany us are anxiety, frustration and fatigue. For example, the graphic “Don’t touch my soul with dirty hands” tells about the drama of women who experience physical and emotional aggression in the home from their husbands or partners. At first glance, the image on the graphic is almost invisible, and it is difficult for outsiders to see this type of problem. I feel obligated to make alarm of it.