January 31, 2020

Can we really afford to throw all this away?

Cat Coulter, 56

My work questions the consequences of our throw-away society on the natural environment. I create assemblage sculptures and collages from shore-found objects. My compulsion to make this art is fuelled by my concern at the increasing amounts of man-made detritus littering the shores near my home in Fife. By creating my artworks from marine waste, I aim to give the source materials a renewed purpose and a voice to question their status as waste. The objects are put on display to demonstrate that they have not disappeared by being thrown into the ocean. My aim is to encourage awareness and a change of attitudes and practices in a subtle or subversive way. My works can be seen as decorative, or as wry humour or as a provocation. I hope they are all of these things. My titles are often framed in the form of a question. In this piece, the pale side depicts a penguin chick, standing on a tiny scrap of ice. The reverse, dark side recalls a Great Auk, hunted to extinction in the mid -19th century. The glass dome references both a finite biosphere and a historical museum exhibit.

D'ye Want More Ice With That?, Unaltered beach finds: fishing float, glass, tile, oyster and mussel shells, flint. Commercially available glass dome, low VOC paint.