July 31, 2021

Can We Read Our Own Destiny?

Holly Wilson

Essence of Jupiter – Main Arcana, 2020

The chosen piece of artwork is important to me as the entire works that have been created have been designed to embody ones desire to listen to true instinct and their real inner truth. Tarot cards and tarot readings have long been used to find the answer to undetermined and unpredictable outcomes. These pieces were designed around the main arcana with a specific idea of incorporating life and death in each piece to symbolise unity, balance and harmony. An ode to astrology and astronomy, the idea to touch upon that which has a vast and uncompromising nature, one that we truly won’t fully understand, the tarot inspired pieces are used to truly allow the user to delve deep into their own consciousness and take charge of their intuition to empower, illuminate and change their way of thinking.