August 27, 2021

Can We Question the Meaning and Interpretation of the Term Landmark?

Erica Elias

PhotographyScottish Settlements and Landscapes: Celebrating the Topics They Have in Common, 20218" X 10"

The entry aims at educating people on the diversity of Scottish landmarks, and improving local communities in the mainland Scottish area. City life and country life are displayed as collaborating entities with adjoined and separate functions. One example is the Finnieston Crane or Stobcross Crane, a disused giant cantilever crane in the center of Glasgow. It is a symbol of Glasgow’s engineering history. The other images picture the Water Tower and the windows of the Old Asylum in Glasgow. Connecting urban and rural sites and places through this entry helps improve local communities, by questioning the meaning and interpretation of the term landmark. Giving space for a creative dialogue of shape and color with a flow of movement, the everyday occurrences around infrastructure and the layout of the Scottish settlements and landscapes are reflecting Scottish local lifestyles as well as vibrant international influences through out the images.