October 31, 2018

Can we preserve knowledge through production?

Keziah Philipps


‘Landmarks’ by Robert Macfarlane gathers words that describe place. Words that help connect us to the natural world we live in. Words that could be lost to us. Moreover, the loss of these words could lead to the loss of our connection to nature and subsequently the loss of the nature itself.

“It matters because language deficit leads to attention deficit. As we deplete our ability to denote and figure particular aspects of our places, so our competence for understanding and imagining possible relationships with non-human nature is correspondingly depleted.” – Robert Macfarlane

In the same way Robert Macfarlane hopes to return these words into circulation, to “rewild” our language, I hope that by drawing endangered nature words I can help to reintroduce them to the common knowledge.

“People exploit what they have merely concluded to be of value, but they defend what they love, and to defend what we love we need a particularising language, for we love what we particularly know.” – Wendell Berry.

Can we help defend the wild places in the UK by expressing our love for them?

Furthermore, can we hope to affect a change in the way people are connected to nature around the world?


Title: leaf-whelmed

10cmx8cm, copper etching

Inspired by Landmarks – Robert Macfarlane

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