August 6, 2020

Can we make sense of it all?

Samuel Temple, 23

‘Remove’ compares binary gendered beauty ideas and standards through processes of removal. As someone who used to present almost exclusively femininely while being (mostly) comfortable being male, I felt caught between two beauty standards of who I wanted to be and who I thought would be attracted to me. My facial hair made me more masculine but my desire to wear makeup somehow made me less masculine. Women are often sold the idea that removing body hair adds beauty. But for men it’s a utilitarian act. It’s also the idea men shouldn’t wear makeup, but women should. What happens when I remove my makeup. Am I less beautiful? Or any more masculine? Am I more masculine for shaving my face, or less masculine because I’m left with nothing but a full face of makeup. Remove compares the superficiality of gendered embellishments.

Remove, 2016Digital video