January 5, 2020

Can we live in harmony with the natural world around us?

Bee Parkinson - Cameron

PoetryMan vs Nature, 2019

In light of the recent bushfires in Australia and the marches across the world to raise awareness of climate change, this piece highlights the conflict that we experience as a species that changes our environment on a mass scale to suit our needs. This piece is important because it encourages thought on the subject of man and nature. As a collective people we build and build, we destroy and we believe, in our arrogance, that we are superior – and yet we are proven wrong time and time again. The Australian bushfires, hurricanes and tsunamis prove to us that there is a price to pay for our industrialism, that there is a price to pay for our carelessness and lack of consideration of the wider consequences of our actions. My hope with this piece is that, along with the work of others, our voices will become loud enough that people will begin to listen and make the changes needed to safeguard our world.