October 23, 2018

Can we level the art/craft hierarchy through somaesthetics?

Ciara Neufeldt


It can be said there is a hierarchy between art and craft, which I believe has lead to a decreased value of craftsmanship within our society.

My work focuses on somaesthetics, which is the use of body awareness to understand the felt content in both art and craft. It can be said that we do not return to a favourite painting or mug because of a conceptual element; we return because of what we are made to feel. Feeling runs deeper than cognitive thought and it is through this understanding in which we can begin to level the art/craft hierarchy.

Body awareness is present in both the creation and use of the objects I make. The tactility within my work which connects both the maker of the object, and the object itself, to the user is significant. My work centres on the connection of body and vessel, using functional ceramics to do so.

I believe in the importance and value of craftsmanship. I want to immerse the public in handmade surroundings; thereby reconnecting art to everyday life by bringing value back to handcrafted functional objects in a world of mass produced ones.


See more of Ciara’s work at https://www.instagram.com/ciara.isabel.ceramics/?hl=en

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