January 24, 2020

Can we heal the lost self?

Molly Shanahan, 32

Vessel is about the value of self when it is challenged by trauma. It digs into my experience losing parts of myself within the complexity of an abusive relationship. Childhood trauma disrupted my connection to myself thus affecting my relationships as an adult. I developed a pattern of abandoning my needs and self to absorb the needs and self of my partner. The root of this behaviour is often an absence of love and value for oneself. Trauma can divide us internally and pit us against ourselves. We can get stuck in the twisted and confusing reality that exists when we feel more worthy of being the vessel for another person’s darkness than receiving love. A transformative shift can occur when we learn to hold loving space for ourselves and acknowledge the painful, shame-riddled moments of trauma. This piece gives a voice to the self who experiences those moments. In doing so it opens a pathway to becoming whole. Reclaiming and honouring the lost parts of ourselves can manifest an opportunity to understand more deeply the value of having a self. A person inflicting trauma creates a powerful effect on lives and souls. A person healing is just as powerful.