November 25, 2020

Can We Functionally Form A Sustainable Catalyst For Social And Commercial Exchange?

Sissy O'Neill


Expelling my interest in commercial and social sustainability within our Scottish city’s has been informed my education in architecture and urban design, as well as community conservation.

The work executes my understanding of underpinning these ideas and provides a critical approach to contemporary districts in Glasgow specifically the work was drawn after a 6 week period of study around the topic.Taking pen to paper using perspective to give the viewer a broadened yet engulfing look upon my proposal, for their own critic and analysis.

It helped me as a creator establish visual scales and urban interventions necessary to activate the streets and building of the Barras market, Glasgow. The work challenges the vehicular city district and mass produced product economy in Glasgow society, promoting a new wave of self-sufficient entrepreneurs though architecture, curing the financial devastation caused by job redundancies in the pandemic by allowing markers in built commercial space.

Lowering living costs by creating sustainable produce locally as well as self-owned business growth space within a community could being to adjust our labour domestic performance to a level were agency of living is a daily routine.