November 23, 2018

Can we find silence?

Samantha Jackson


Exposure to excessively loud noise damages hearing. I suffer from tinnitus and this has had a profound affect not just on my mental health, but on my experience of life itself. Nightclubs reach around 110dB by their speakers. I can’t sleep for the noise that is in my own head that just never stops. The maximum level of sound considered safe by the EU ranges from 80-85dB. It’s not the noise itself that keeps me awake, but its perseverance. Beats headphones can reach a peak of 115dB, enough to cause permanent damage in just 15 minutes. The idea that it will never go away is what has the biggest affect on me, the fact that I know it is an incurable symptom of the ridiculously loud world we live in. Inner cities regularly reach between 85-100dB because of public transport, construction and traffic. No one thought that air could be polluted until people began to suffer. Will we ever find silence in the smog? Before it’s too late.


White Noise, Mixed Media (Digital).