December 11, 2018

Can we find meaning in the turbulent chaos of the land?

Ellis O'Connor

Mixed medium oil painting on canvasTuil (In Gaelic), Flood (In English), 90 x 90cm

I find meaning in the turbulent and chaotic ways of the landscape and elements around me. Everything is temporary, everything is shifting, we can only flow with it not against it. I live on the Outer Hebridean Island of North Uist, an island that sits far off the coast of Scotland facing the full power of the Atlantic. I regularly paint my experience of being outside in the wild often untamed environment and I’ve never felt calmer. It is this feeling of insignificance surrounded by the raw often brutal landscape that grounds me, the nature always prevails. It is important to remind ourselves of this. By producing the art work I hope it will give people a chance to connect with that landscape and respect the nature that is so wild around us, to then cultivate a deeper understanding and inspire others to make a difference.