January 30, 2020

Can we feel nostalgic about the future?

Mike Hastings

SoundTo a clock, 2016Space/time

It’s about time somebody wrote a guitar and violin instrumental about time. Why? Because time is where the music is hiding. And we like to try and find the music, if we find the time. But more importantly, by honouring time with the use of this carefully crafted music catching device, we can start to see the music. Sometimes a violin line is snaking its way behind a half remembered thought of Thursday afternoon, or a guitar pattern is silhouetted on a sunny wall. These nostalgic memories of melodies and the imaginary music of tomorrow, are mixed together in time. As the clock ticks, a note is lost, one is now and another has yet to arrive. Through ‘To a Clock’, we hope to evoke a sense of the passage of time and a wistful longing for lost futures.