February 1, 2019

Can we ever repay the forest what is has given us?

Fanny Arnesen

We as humans are completely dependent on the forest for our survival. It provides us with wood, protection, and the air we breathe. The forest, like us, is alive and we are letting it die.
The forest can be melancholic and joyful, eerie and familiar. It feels permanent and ancient. Something that has been around for thousands of years before humans first walked the earth, and that should still be here for thousands of years after we are all gone. This is what I attempt to capture in my painting, but I also wish to remind people of what the forest has given us, by humbly offering the paper back to the trees.
The forest has given us so much that it seems impossible to repay the favour, but we have to at least try.


Oil on MDF
87×87 cm