November 3, 2019

Can we ever really get back everything anxiety takes from us?

Kiara Mackenzie, 25

This work is part of an ongoing project in documenting my journey out of crippling anxiety.

Anxiety consumes you. It swallows up your life. It changes you, your personality, the way you see other people and the wider world. Sometimes it feels as though great chunks of you are gone forever.

After I began treatment I found my way back to creating things and found a small piece of the ‘old’ me again. I held it tightly, and examined it deeply.

I found more here and there as I continued to deal with the anxiety and eventually I began to realise, there is no ‘old’ me and no ‘new’ me. They are one and the same.

An anxious brain has no use for anything but the fearful and worrisome. It must be trained to remember what came before.

Void, 2019Chemigram, Digital Photomontage