November 30, 2019

Can we ever be free from the pressures of working life ?

Ross Woodhead, 35

So much of our lives are spent working in a job which, for many, often does not fulfil us. We get stuck in patterns of thinking and behaviour that can make it difficult to change direction. The film is about the danger of getting lost in our work identity and the lack of cultivating a meaningful life. I wrote the script based on my own personal experience of working in a job that I felt trapped in. The job gave me financial security and the perception of ‘doing well’, but created an overbearing amount stress and anxiety and robbed me of my mental health and well being. Through the main character I wanted to capture the feeling of isolation and existential dread, which a stressful working routine can cause. The unassuming older man sees through David’s mask of ‘success’ and represents his conflicting inner voice. I made the film during a process of re-balancing my life. I decided to give up my job to study film-making at college, in an attempt to try regain some sense of peace and meaning in my life.

Can we ever be free from the pressures of working life?, 2019Short Film16:9