April 19, 2021

Can We Enjoy Life Better If We Don’t Take Ourselves So Seriously For Only A Moment A Day?

David Allan

Digital Photography"Who Really Framed Roger Rabbit", 202126cm x 26cm

This image came to me during a self-portrait session. I had been taking images of myself, hands tied or handcuffed, sometimes wearing a blindfold, sometimes with tape over my mouth. The theme was censorship in some form or another. The melancholic theme is easy at this time, dealing with a pandemic. I lightened the mood. I attempted to use my Spaniel as a Police dog, but he wasn’t keen on being handcuffed to me, and wouldn’t sit still. I found a volunteer in the cuddly rabbit. The title “Who really framed Roger Rabbit” came easily. As my idea developed from melancholy to fun I really enjoyed myself. There is a place for serious messages and indeed melancholia, but for a few minutes, by not taking myself quite so seriously, I had fun. I may well use my other images at UHI, but this fun time did me good. My sitting was a success. My ideas brought me this image, and I still smile when I see it. At no point did I consider paying my bills, how much my car insurance would cost, or if the big bad wolf would actually blow my house down? Oops I’m doing it again.