July 26, 2020

Can we create a ‘global home’?

Mhairi Russell, 22

I was lucky enough to spend lockdown in my childhood home with my parents. This time distilled my understanding of ‘home’. More than just a place; it is a culmination of small, shared experiences, shaped by my friends, my family and me. And that’s what I sought to capture in the scenes of domesticity in this short film. I shot this video on my granddad’s ‘Super 8’ camera – a form of analogue cine film. Since there is no digital element to the filming, you need a clear focus of what you want to capture. I hope that the feelings of safety and security I associate with my home are conveyed, even for those who don’t know the people or places shown. The external challenges of Covid-19 have cemented the sense of safety I associate with home. I have been prompted to wonder whether this concept of home can be shared beyond one household and to the people of Scotland, even to our global neighbours. Can we create a ‘global home’? What would the world look like if we felt like we were sharing a home?

Home - Lockdown on Super 8, 2020Super 8 film