October 24, 2019

Can we change the public perception of waste through creative and engaging means?

David Gray, 40

Bottle Dome is designed to make us rethink our relationship to waste and to see the value in everyday items like jars and bottles. The current practices of glass recycling take as much as 70% of energy needed to make a new bottle. In response, I developed glass upcycling method that utilises the pre-existing forms of bottles, which changed the way I saw waste. The ability to adapt glass is empowering, offering the ability to make what you need rather than consume. Building on pavement glass from the 60’s, this interactive piece looks at optics and shadows produced by glass bases that are set in concrete. Angled jars and thick bottles were cut and polished and set in an octagonal dome to create another level of optics focused onto the participant. It allows them to investigate the different visual effects as the shape and thickness of the glass morph the light in unexpected way and experiment with light and shadow. The Bottle Dome pushes us to build an appreciation for bottles and consider alternative uses for glass waste. Through consideration, imagination and creativity in upcycling, much of our waste need never be waste, instead new avenues to reduce our consumption.

Bottle Dome, 2019Glass, concrete, metal and wood90cm by 90cm by 16cm