March 8, 2020

Can we call ourselves decent when we look down on some of the most vulnerable?

Michael Schramm, 39

Why I chose the issue of homelessness for this painting, I’ve never experienced it and I hope I never do but we all look down on them like there all just alcoholics or drug addicts, but they’re human beings that deserve better, yes a lot of them are alcoholics and drug addicts but is it any wonder why, exploited by the worst of us abused physically and psychologically living in utter despair just left to die on the streets and those in power could change that but the only time they pretend to care is when there looking to get elected or looking for a photo op to look good, while there are genuinely good people out there trying to help and shelters for some of them, the problem is only getting worse, so can we call ourselves decent and good people when we just walk past them like they don’t exist no we can’t there just like us only they’ve had a really bad hand in life whether it’s mental illness or escaping an abusive household or losing everything through crippling debts, this one problem that can be fixed it just won’t.

The invisible, 2020Acrylic4ft/2ft