June 17, 2021

Can We Be Known in the Universe?

Jaclyn Stuart

Acrylic, oil, gold leaf velvet on canvas and boardCan we be known in the universe?, 2020150cm x 140cm

This piece explores identity and belonging in the world. How do we see one another? Do we really see and know each other? Can we ever be truly known? When looking at the scale of the universe and the world we live it, it can be an overwhelming place. We can often feel like a small dot or number in a vast world. We all crave for identity and belonging, we want to be understood and known. The eye is often referred to as the window to our soul. The eye is where we can look deeply and connect with someone but it also hides mystery. In my Christian faith, finding purpose, belonging and identity through belief in God, grounds me in the world and I feel known even in a vast universe. I was looking at a way to create a modern altar piece, a way to reflect on these thoughts. I used mini doors like an altar piece to show an opening up of the soul and I arranged these in the shape of an eye which represents the all seeing eye. It also feels a little like a clock, marking our time together on earth.