March 17, 2020

Can we be different – and survive?

Jilly Henderson, 53

When I was younger I was bullied on and off and because I moved house regularly I was always ‘the new girl’ in schools and had few friends. To illustrate the variety and complexity of situations I found myself in from a young age ‘Lonely Bird’ streamed from the end of my pen. I wasn’t really thinking why I was doing these slightly sad, faintly funny drawings but now I see exactly why they came to me. LB has allowed me to see the situations I found myself in quite plainly (although I never had a perm or a mobile phone in those days) People can be cruel and cruel buggers were in abundance in the 1970’s… I don’t want to harp on in a self pitying way as I do believe one can become quite unique as a result of a harrowing childhood. Lonely Bird – tell them.

Lonely Bird, 2018Pen and ink6 inches x 6 inches