February 1, 2019

Can we be caught in the headlight of the sun?

Stephanie Findlay, 29

There are moments in time that seems to last forever that feeling of being caught in the headlights and frozen in time as our brains work at normal speed. I feel is captured in this image. Shock of the sun and its force that have created an unedited lighting imagery just a split second in time adding more to its beauty. Some days can bring us such news that shock our souls to the ground no matter how the sunshine brightly in the day such as loss. Some days bring us dreams and ideas. Some days we have a realisation our very own Eureka moment. Some days we catch the sun realise “Hey, I’m in love!” Just for a moment though, we definetly find ourselves caught in the headlights, a moment just where time almost stops but keeps going. This image I feel captures that moment and feeling we surrender to in those brief split moments as it shockwaves through us before delivering us back to our timescape. I think its important to try and capture brief moments of time that seem to warp the time and space that they have occurred in.


I would really like to be set up online and display more of my artwork as I enjoy working in various forms unfortunately I am not able to do so at the moment. I love creating art to me this piece speaks lot and that’s why I have chosen put my soul out there a little. I never done this hope people enjoy the moment in time.