Vitreous, Iridescent and Textured Glass, Hand Shaped Wire, MirrorNew Moon, 202130cm diameter

Mosaics are created using broken fragments of materials, slowly building up a picture, acknowledging the value of each individual piece to create a complete picture. As I photograph my “New Moon” mosaic, I’m aware of my amateur photography skills, the imperfect light, the fragmented images of myself on the broken mirror pieces, and imperfections in my overall design. I purposely choose to include these imperfections because perhaps this reflects how we are as human and spiritual beings? Like the moon, there is light and dark in all of us. We tend to focus on the light, our positive experiences and our successes, but it is our imperfections and failures (the dark) that are our biggest opportunities for personal growth. (Fail is first attempt in learning). Perhaps if we embrace both the dark and light within us, we will acknowledge the value of all our experiences and see that the darkness is actually a kaleidoscope of colours, that allows the light to shine more brightly and be whole, just like a New Moon.