January 17, 2019

Can We Associate Our Feelings With Autumn?

Rhyanan Houghton, 17

I have explored how I’ve felt in terms of acceptance with the life cycle of the withering leaves in autumn, using the leaves to represent how I, and possibly other people, may feel when it comes to being let down by someone close or important to them.

It’s an extremely difficult hardship to face when you’ve been left disappointed by someone who you felt cared about you. it has taken me a while now to get used to being without the people who have let me down, as they gave me so much yet left me with nothing. No one ever wants to be let down by anyone. But it happens and for me, it all happened in a very short space of time with numerous people.

I have accepted that not everyone will accept who I am, but I am beginning to accept myself.

Someone once told me that you shouldn’t have to try to be accepted by anyone and that if they don’t accept you for who you are, then it’s their loss. It took some time for this to sink in for me to realise that he was right, and that you shouldn’t have to put in the effort for someone to like you.

You should simply be you and if they don’t like it, the right person will.


Autumn Leaves