January 31, 2021

Can We Apply Multi Cultural And Historical Techniques To Fashion , To Create A More Sustainable Future ?

Alison Harm

Recycled Kimono SilkWaist Knot, 2020

Waist Knot is a sustainable fashion project created from the fabric of old kimonos, which I have de-constructed and cleaned .

The new garments have been carefully designed to create longevity in wear. The name is a play on the saying ‘waste not want not ‘ , but also describes a feature of the collection which is that they have tied belts at the waist.

The kimonos reminded me of Scottish kilts . They are both made from a clever construction of uncut strips of precious heirloom fabric , and are steeped in their respective cultures and history. They are timeless.

They can both be easily adapted to various sizes , and inside, the seams are generous and are able to be adjusted and passed down the generations. I wanted to reflect that in my new designs. To do that, I have built in multi sizing and style adaptability , the waist knots themselves can pull in the garments for effect, or for resizing, and pay homage to the original kimono. By studying the techniques of the past and from a different culture , I have learned that historic manufacturing techniques can prolong the usefulness of the new garments.