September 7, 2020

Can trauma be hidden with even the most convincing smile?

Ryan Langfield, 19

This piece aims to depict the breakdown in ones mental state as a result of trauma. When you refuse to acknowledge the hardships you’ve faced and allow those that love you to provide the emotional support that you require, these hardships continually expand until you have no choice but to reach out. By hiding it with a smile you allow your problems to bury deep within you, your mental state grotesquely affected by the mistreatment you have endured throughout your life. It is then that you become detached from the person you used to be. This piece shows that even though you are smiling, those around you can still see your suffering. It is the kind of suffering that cannot be disguised with a mere grin, one that is present in your every motion and every conversation you have. This piece stresses the importance of coming to terms with your trauma, instead of being consumed by it, as the looming consequences of it are not as hidden as you may think.

Hide it with a smile, 2020Pencil & PhotoshopA3