January 14, 2020

Can this journey help me find myself?

Jasmin Dixon Kobiela, 17

I will be walking the West Highland Way this spring, to try and find myself mentally. A lot of people do this to leave behind whatever was holding them back in life, or simply to get away from everything and have room to breathe and think. It is so difficult to talk about your own mental health, because you can sometimes feel ashamed, and no one could possibly understand, but people do understand. So many people have mental health struggles, who know exactly what you are going through, you are never truly alone – although it can sometimes feel that way. My hope is, when I have finished the West Highland Way, I will have found a better person in myself, and so I can be a better person to other people. Just like Rupaul said, “If you can’t love yourself, how on earth can you love anybody else?”

2020Acrylic paints22 x 42 cm