August 25, 2021

Can the Warmth of Platonic Love Melt the Ice That Enshrouds a Grief-Stricken Heart?

Kelda Mowat

Short storyBlack Ice, 2021

My entry explores the importance of platonic love and the support that it can provide during times of personal desolation, as well as the intense and varying effects of grief and depression. I feel that raw expressions of grief are always important, since, at one point or another, almost everyone who has loved will eventually have to grieve the loss of that love; it is the curse of sentience. The validation and representation of our emotions can be comforting and normalising, especially in a society where poor mental health is very often stigmatised. These messages are particularly poignant today, however, considering the dolour and sorrow that is being experienced collectively by us as a society in these times of uncertainty due to climate change and the pandemic. So, although this piece of work follows the story of one fictional woman’s grief over the loss of her life partner, the emotions and experiences she portrays are likely to strike chords of empathy in many readers; and perhaps even encourage someone to reach out for love, should their own heart be encased in ice.

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