January 30, 2022

Can the Power of the Human Spirit Overcome Seemingly Impossible Barriers?

Sandy Fenwick

Saying Goodbye, 2021

I wanted to question whether the human spirit, the part of us which needs to both feel and extend empathy and sharing common experience, can overcome what seems like impossible obstacles. Sometimes our beliefs , life experience and training create the barriers which prevent us from seeing the world as seem by others and indeed what is reality. It is by collaboration with other people by seeing their viewpoints that we can come to an understanding and eventually compromise. The pandemic has changed many things in society, not least how we deal with the loss of our elderly or infirm family members. There was some opportunity for visits or being able to say farewells prior to 2020. After people often passed alone or with strangers. I thought of my own experiences of losing close family members and not having the opportunity to say goodbye or just thank them for being them. I looked at the status of the granny in Scottish society and how important their role in the family was. Then, I dealt with the story in a typical Scottish manner, looking at the humour of the situation but also deep down the love and loss.