January 31, 2021

Can The Physical Exploration Of My Imagination Be Means To Therapeutically Analyse My Own Mental State?

Jennifer Steele

Dance and filmSwitch, 2020

When it comes to improvising and creating I love to work with strong imagery and by delving into the imagination.

I feel that by harnessing our inner child, we can truly be free to create and express our deepest desires and feelings to the people around us. I like to use existing dance techniques as tools for creating and try to allow abstract impulses to take over and create something more unique and fun.

During creative processes I prefer to use the “yes and..” method so as to try and keep things as light and judgement free as possible, which is always a challenge working by yourself!

In this piece I am exploring the theme of mental health and more specifically my experience with anxiety and how I like search for distractions as moments of temporary relief. By using my personal experience I am able to research how my inner narrative can be transformed into a physical movement language.

As anxiety can be a rather heavy subject to deal with, it was nice to find lighter moments that could represent the moments of relief and happiness that one may experience during a particularly tough period of time.