April 2, 2020

Can The Past Navigate Us To A New Future For Our Town Centres?

Lil Brookes, 58

Old maps are a way of navigating to the past…I love them! Old town street maps can on a 2D plane let you see once again the buildings where people lived, worked, were educated, played sports, married…were buried and the list is endless. Old maps make the people who lived there come to life…become 3D individuals again. The High Street of a town can often be the subject of many a street map as they can be the main thoroughfare of a town, a place of hustle and bustle, shops, pubs, offices, banks…a place full of people engaged in everyday life. My particular interest is the town I grew up with, Paisley. The High Street there is very familiar to me as is the town’s heritage centred on the textile and thread manufacturing industry. The famous Paisley pattern shawls were sold in the 19th century via warehouses in the town centre and in shops along the High Street. Paisley High Street now faces many challenges from the effects of out-of-town shopping and multiplex cinemas and the need is to regenerate the High Street but how? Can the past navigate us to a new future for our town centres?

High Street Swatches, Acrylic25cms x 30cms