January 29, 2022

Can the NHS Survive the Brave New World Post COVID Crisis?

Paul McKenna

Acrylic On CanvasHope, 202220 x 25cm

Began in the spring of 2021; too soon to declare the end of the pandemic – too soon to even contemplate the beginning of the end. Tough months lay ahead and we knew it. This painting was completed in January 2022. The timing felt right. Two years on from the beginning of the pandemic we as a society are more aware of the frailty of life and the importance of health.

For those working in healthcare and those bearing witness to the stresses, this has been wartime in peacetime with no escape, to keep facing it time after time takes courage and defiance but above all, it takes energy and hope. Hope that things will change, are changing and that something good can come out of all of this mess. Hope that the National Health Service can be defended against those who would prefer a market solution to health, hope that access and treatment to health will never be based on ability to pay and that the basic principles of health care free at the point of need can be defended as a tribute to all those who suffered, all those lives lost and for those of us who remain.