January 31, 2022

Can the Mind Become Clear After Fracturing Somewhat?

Pamela Hockley

Senses upon a Bed, 2021

Hi, I have written this autobiographical narrative for several reasons/aims. In writing it is a good way of projecting your thoughts & feelings, to put pen to paper. The hope and joy of someone reading it enhances the appreciation in oneself. As in doing this, the hope of giving one, living proof of an often complicated question. Will I be better one day?

I would like to put out there that no matter how deep rooted the agonising pain is, there is, a way forward & you no longer need to be confined to sadness & confusion. On the contrary. The future is unknown, but exciting in the knowledge that you are strong and confident. What will life bring. How exciting. I’ve been to hell and back. Now the only way is up 🙂 There us always hope. The very fact that it was myself that I was reflecting on, should definitely be a positive thing to share. As I am through it. Life is sweet…