January 31, 2019

Can the festive season make mental health worse?

Jocasta Mann


As part of a larger film project, this piece explores how the weight of a mental illness can feel all the greater during a time when we’re supposed to feel more cheerful and closer to our loved ones. In some ways it can help those of us with depression or anxiety to be with our families and enjoy time off; in other ways, the sheer pressure to be cheerful and participate in festivities can make anxieties worse or alienate us even more from what’s going on. Perhaps there are even memories associated with such a time that make celebrations difficult. The project aims to explore what it’s like to cope with depression when faced with a barrage of seasonal tradition and at times forced cheer.


Digital painting
3643 x 2618px

Twitter: @Coldfilm2019
Facebook: Cold – Short Film

The short film “Cold” – for which this promotional artwork was created – is written and directed by Gavin Hugh of MidgieBite Media, based in Fife. The actress pictured is Rowan Birkett based in Northern England.