November 2, 2020

Can the art of nature transform the nature of art?

Becky Little

Earth - clay soil, sand, strawPolished Clay Balls - A symbol of hope and change, 2020Approx. 60mm diameter, but can be smaller and larger

When we create art with nature, in tune with seasons, cycles, and place, we begin to recognise our fragile identity and interaction within a vast interconnected cosmos. If our art materials are soil, water, and plants, harvested with respect for sustaining life, we become intimate with where they come from, with our impact in taking them, and with where they end up. I have worked with earth and fibre for many years, digging, mixing, shaping, spreading, weaving, polishing, carving, falling in love with the infinite variety that nature provides. With nature as my teacher, I became an apprentice of the earth, reconnecting ancient skills and intuition in forms and finishes. The polished clay ball is the perfect metaphor for change at this time. Earth, made malleable with water, is rolled, compacted, and polished in a gentle geological act of making. Senses are reawakened and we become lost in the process as “dirt” is transformed into a shining globe; clay molecules bringing magic to the surface. Learning this process takes time but has the power to create community with each other and with the treasure in our hands. Imagine if all art could be that life affirming….

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