January 12, 2020

Can teenagers using technology be beautiful?

Caroline Brown, 50

As an art teacher, I understand not only the history of art, but also the infectious energy of youth clustered together giggling over smartphones, or sitting lost in technology. Historically, we have seen countless images of young figures perched with books in their hands, or picnicking with friends on lush lawns. Such images often allow viewers to appreciate the truth and beauty in the previously mundane or ordinary. Despite this long tradition, today’s youth have been denied the same attention afforded to those of the past. Perhaps our fear and suspicions regarding technology have prevented us from seeing the beauty of young people using electronic devices. Yet, I feel that a young person becoming lost in a computer game is just as interesting as one from a century ago who is lost in a book, image or piece of music. My picture fuses traditional and modern. The subject is lying on his bed with controller in hand – having left the world of toys behind, yet they feature in the background suggesting that his boyhood was not too far back. Ultimately, I hope this image provokes viewers and artists alike to view teenagers using technology with fresh and appreciative eyes.

Lost Boy, 2019Acrylic77cm x 54 cm