Sound Art SculptureNatural Complexities, Electronically, 2019

We are living in a world which is increasingly shifting our focus away from nature, towards technology. Many societies in the world do not need to interact with natural ecosystems at all, unless at their active choice. Technology can, in many ways, pull our focus away from the moment we are in, to another place and another pace. The mesmerising effect of watching wind, water or a fire seem to have almost an opposite, centering, effect. It might be something about the movement, which is always in flux and never repeats, yet always seems constant, reliable, that keeps us transfixed. After studying the emergent behaviour in ecosystems, the programming behind the installation was formed to allow synthetic sounds to imitate behaviour of natural systems. Using sensors and computers, it is an attempt at a synthesised impression of nature, where the two are interwoven in such a way that make them inseparable. We might not be able to at this point, or even should try, to separate ourselves from technology but rather find ways where it compliments our world and does not be come an intrusion in our attention.