February 1, 2019

Can society accept the real face of depression and anxiety?

Callum McGhee, 24

The mask represents the mental anguish faced by people suffering from depression and anxiety.

The mask is in two halves, each representing the brutal and tortuous effects of depression and anxiety.

With depression you need to wear a mask every day, as people don’t want to see the real you that you’ve become through depression.

On one side, society doesn’t know how to deal with your depression, so you need to smile to be accepted, which is difficult and painful, hence the bared teeth.

The other side shows how your real smile is withering away. You try to tie it up, to hold it all together and hold your smile in place, but it doesn’t work.

Men are conditioned to hide their weakness and not acknowledge any issues with their mental health. This means you are constantly fighting with yourself, which creates the split.

The piece is called Scarecrow. When you suffer from depression and anxiety for so long you can become numb and struggle to feel anything anymore, like a scarecrow stuffed with straw.

I have created 8 other masks, based on all different aspects of mental health issues.


33 x 20cm