Short Story.'A Tooth For A Chimney.', 2020

Yes,even in the most grim and desolate street-corners,the World over,Small can Indeed be Beautiful-small acts of kindness,offered by unknowing,unaware,free-spirited folk who may feel small but who do wondrous things,giving of themselves,opening up the stilted mind,the dark corner,the disapproving psyche,the sneering prejudice,the locked opportunities,the beaten-down inspiration,the trapped soul,the fearfulness of joy and expression,the ignorance and timidity of Reaching for the Stars. A Dreamer,earnestly observing a grimy,insignificant street-corner,can be so touched as to intervene,bringing surprise and joy to those mired in poverty and hopelessness,sprinkling a little gold dust,inspiring self-worth and yes,a Reaching for the Stars.