January 3, 2020

Can sexuality attempt to detach from politics, capitalism, gaze and gender?

Marie Muller Priqueler

I'm not one, I'm several. I'm a Mess.,

Over the past year, I have been articulating a body of work that attempts to detach sexuality from politics, capitalism, gaze and gender. This hopeless effort characterises the spiritual and ephemeral nature of my work and its resistance to categorisation. I’m challenging definitions of photography, self-portraiture, modelling and writing, and I am fighting to cast off established classifications by refusing to fit anywhere. Using my own body as my main medium, I am exploring the inner-workings of the female psyche, sensuality, and intimacy. My work attempts to evade a ‘narcissistic’ attention to my own image, pursuing instead a more ambivalently dialogical relationship to myself and to the metaphysical dimensions of my body. In this specific collection of works, I question the accepted photographic print to investigate my body as a mutable and woundable thing, as a broken but mended object, testing the limits of social orders and taboos. Breakable porcelain sheets serve as a metamorphosis from my body, melting together my own erotic texts and dialogues with pictures. Photographs of my body on seeded papers explore my recent experience with using plants to treat a hormonal disorder.