January 31, 2021

Can Sculpture Provide An Escape From Our Everyday Lives?

Esther Gamsu

SculptureA field Full Of Horses, 2020

The pandemic has left so many people feeling trapped in their own homes, dreaming about being able to escape to a new place.

I am interested in how sculpture can be used as a tool to allow people a sense of escape from their everyday lives.

This sculptural installation was created over a month, visiting my studio space alone and working meticulously to create the same sculpture over and over again. Using materials that I found around my studio like newspaper and cardboard. Making the sculpture provided me with an escape from the reality of the everyday.

In popular culture the image of the galloping wild horse has become a universal symbol of freedom, independence and escape. By creating a sculptural representation of a herd of wild horses within the confines of a room, the work aims to explore how popular culture provides us with narratives for escape from our everyday lives.

Like images of galloping horses as screensavers on desktop computers and cheap calendars in offices, the installation acts as a cruel joke, teasing the viewer with a representation of freedom that isn’t really true.