January 27, 2021

Can Rich Politicians Truly Understand Childhood Poverty?

Dorothy May Davis

Written WordMummy, Please Put Me In A Home, 2021

Childhood Poverty is so prevalent in the UK that UNICEF saw fit to provide assistance for children, including those in Southwark, much to the consternation of politicians such as the Conservative MP Jacob Rees- Mogg. Jacob Rees- Mogg, who is worth around £150 million, stated, “I think it`s a real scandal that UNICEF should be playing politics in this way when it is meant to be looking after people in the poorest, most deprived countries in the world, where people are starving…….” Is it possible for rich politicians such as Jacob Rees – Mogg, who was educated at Eaton and is worth millions of pounds, to even begin to comprehend childhood poverty? ` Mummy, Please Put Me in a Home` is a piece of reflective writing, which is an excerpt from my book Swimming Against The Tide. Whilst it may seem harrowing, Mummy, Please Put me in a Home is an honest account of the poverty I endured whilst growing up in Glasgow in the 1960`s. I am saddened to think that many of today`s children will have a similar experience, irrespective of what Jacob Rees-Mogg and other rich politicians prefer to think.