January 20, 2021

Can Revealing Internals Externally Evoke Craft Appreciation?

Chloe Mckinstry

Fashion and TextilesInternals Revealed, 2020

‘Internals Revealed’ identifies my project based on men’s tailoring and deconstruction techniques, designed to create a new way for celebrating the craftsmanship. Particularly I have been inspired by the anatomy and construction of hand-sewn suit jackets.

I admire the durability of tailoring- Hand-Crafted garments made to be treasured and to stand the test of time. Traditional hand stitches such as basting, catch and padding stitch are evident within my own textile samples. As well as using fabrics that are initially used inside garments such as canvas, haircloth and domet to make up the outside and visual surface for my graduate collection and portfolio.

Seams, raw edges and stitches are meant to be hidden for aesthetic purposes, but I showcased these on the outside to evoke new understanding and appreciation for the tailoring craft. Consumers sometimes purchase garments without fully knowing how they were made. However, this project highlights the importance of handcrafted tailoring whilst rejecting the idea of mass production and machine-made garments. By taking garments apart to analyse how they were made I have collected a portfolio inspired by revealing internals and highlighting tailoring- a craft that demands to remain for generations to come.